My Music 2 Media sets the stage ...

My Music 2 Media paves the way for any artist, upcoming or established, to showcase their music to radio stations and other industry professionals.
By reducing cost, and eliminating the possibility of the track being lost in transit, artists can upload and submit tracks directly to the decision makers of various radio stations and in the future, all other roleplayers in the music industry.

Radio Stations
For Radio Stations we offer a free and structured music management tool.
By matching your stations’ music preferences and self-defined criteria with tracks submitted by artists, bands and record labels we lighten the load for you and make sure you do not miss the next big thing...

Music Industry
With talented artists in need of exposure My Music 2 Media offers a unique opportunity for Record Labels, Managers, Agents and other roleplayers to generate maximum exposure for their artists.
My Music 2 Media will help you to manage your portfolio in one place..


Why use MY MUSIC 2 MEDIA ?

There are many advantages with using MM2M. Click below to see some of the main Value Adds and Advantages.


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